Our Value Propositions

Our Local Expertise: We understand local customs, local culture, local business practices as well as government affairs. Our key personnel members are bi-linqual (China and English). We have resources in both China and in US to better service and communicate with you. We can help you jump-start your business either in China or in USA and increase your penetration speed. And, along the way, we can remove all the right road blocks in order for you to accelerate your business growth.

We Help Bridging the Cultural and Language Gaps: Our team members are bi-linqual (English and Chinese), and we understand the local customs. It is our job to ensure you and your suppliers in China are well connected and your key performance indicators are met. Furthermore, having a team on the ground locally (same time zone) is a competitive advantage to you.

We Offer Cost Competitive Service Fee: Our service fee is competitive as compare against similar service providers in our industry. In addition, we can avoid our customers much start-up costs and on-going SG&A maintenance costs. We do not charge any back-office supporting functions (HR, IT, Management, Finance, Legal). We do not share our customers' cost saving projects when we generate cost saving results. 100% of cost savings are transferred to our customers. We only charge flat service fee per engineer without any other hidden costs and allocations. And, this is a major cost saving for you!
Example (Cost Comparison): A typical start-up company in a Tier 1 city (Shanghai, Beijing, for example) in China with 5 employees (2 supporting staff and 3 engineers) can run an average of USD 21K per month. Such monthly SG&A cost does not include any corporate allocation costs. If an expat is needed, typical expat has an average monthly maintenance expense (excluding the salary) of USD 10-20K per month which includes education (1 child in an internal schooling can range from USD 12K to 20K per school year), home leave, COLA, housing (from USD 3K to 12K per month), driver and car, and other allowances. All the above costs can be avoided through our services.

We continuously seek of Cost Avoidance and Cost Reduction opportunities for you: We understand China supply base. We understand China fundamentals and challenges. We do focus both on cost avoidance as well as cost reduction opportunities for you in the Sourcing, New Program or Resourcing, and on-going Mass Production phases. As you have YOY cost reduction goals, it is also our goal to assist you in meeting your goals. We deploy right resources to improve your value chain. We also implement Lean (Kaizen) and VI/VE workshops as well as seek for qualified suppliers as part of the cost reduction action plans. Both the Quality and Delivery improvements can also have major contribution to your cost goals. We can even provide cost management specialists for the Should Cost modeling which allows your buyers to negotiate with your suppliers using such cost modeling information. The best part is that 100% of the cost reduction results go into your pocket.

We tailor our resources to meet your need: When you only need 1/3 SQE, 1/3 SDE and 1/3 EH&S specialist for audits and on-site development, we are flexible and can meet your desired requirements. Our mission is to have a sustainable business growth along with you.

We have team members in USA and in China to service you: This is one of our competitive advantages that we offer to our customers. We can communicate and service you in your time zone, in your language and face to face meetings with you. We do not believe in distance relationship.

We are committed to you: We are not looking for one time and short-term service with our customers; we are in a long-term partnership business with our customers. Your goals are also our goals. We believe in aligned teamwork and common goals. We are your extended team members.

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