Supply Chain Services

Our Team Members have rich hands-on experiences with more than 8 years in various industries such as Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, Electronics, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical and Consumer industries. All our engineering team members are bi-linqual (English and Chinese), have technical engineering degrees and/or MBAs from accredited universities, and have worked in multi-national companies, including Auto OEMs. As we are your extended team members, all your work activities are confidentially kept. We are here to serve you!

TRAINING and LEARNING: Our trainers are practitioners both as certified trainers as well as practiced engineers in their respective field. We provide actual example, allow group exercises, and leverage the right training tools to allow students to maximize their learning. We not only provide in-class training sessions, but also offer shop floor exercise workshops. For training topics, please refer to "Training and Learning".

GLOBAL SOURCING: in general, "global sourcing" is a cross-function effort among Strategic Sourcing Buyers, SQE, SDE, Cost Management, Environmental Engineering, Product Engineering, and Logistics. Our Strategic Sourcing Buyers interface with your Purchasing and Engineering team members to seek of the "optimal" suppliers that meet your hurdle rate (cost savings) and engineering design requirements. We understand the China supply chain and their strengths and challenges. It is our Global Sourcing Buyers' mission to seek for a right supply base in meeting your strategic sourcing strategies.

SQE (Supplier Quality Engineering): These are a group of engineers with hands-on experiences in Quality audits, APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning), PPAP (Product Parts Approval Process) for process, design and restricted material compliance, 8D (8 Disciplines) and DMAIC problem solving. We conduct on-site audits, control, gap-closures, monitor, and improve suppliers' quality at the Product Level.

SUPPLY CHAIN RISK is a critical element of supply chain management. When a supplier is in its initial stage of sourcing selection, middle of program development or in the mass production phase, supply chain risk covers all. It is important to have a clear visibility in supply chain, that is, from Tier 1 to N'th supplier level. As the World is becoming more demanding moving toward the "Supply Chain Transparency" realm, a capable auto company needs to have a strong supply base, specifically, a transparent supply chain. Whether it is an Event from Mother Nature or any disruption in Quality, Material compliance, Delivery, Capacity, or other compliance violations from your supply chain, Auto Parts Alliance's Supply Management professionals have the experience for quick reaction speed to improve the overall supply chain recovery speed.

ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING is a part of the Supply Chain Sustainability functions. We need to ensure not only your supply chain is meeting your Cost, Quality, Delivery and Innovation expectations, but also is meeting the Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibilities. As all industries' supply chains are raising their bars in compliance to the global Supply Chain Transparency Laws, our EH&S engineers are out in the field at your suppliers' sites Audits, on-site Monitor, on-site Development, and on-site Gap Closures. Where necessary, we do deploy our EH&S specialists at your suppliers' sites for 24/7 containment.

SDE (Supplier Development Engineering): These are a group of engineers with hands-on experiences in Lean, 6 Sigma, Capacity, Capability and Flexibility improvements. Our SDEs also conduct on-site VA/VE and Lean workshops to further improve the total value chain. Such Lean workshops include: Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Theory of Constraints (TOC), Buffer Management, Yamazumi, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED), Kaizen, Waste Walk, Poke Poke, 5S/Workplace Organization, Visual Display and Preventive Maintenance. For suppliers that are in the production phase, our SDEs continue to conduct on-site monitoring and control to ensure suppliers are meeting customers' quality, delivery, capability, capacity and flexibility requirements. In case of urgent issues that could impact production lines, SDEs are deployed on-site for 24/7 coverage.

QUALITY INSPECTION: We also provide Quality Inspection services for our customers to ensure suppliers' parts continuously meeting the engineering standard and drawings, and production parts are free from restricted materials.

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